IST College - Greetings

Welcome to IST, the ideal environment for your studies.



Greetings from the founders of IST

IST already counts almost 30 years of presence in the field of higher education in Greece. Today we are very happy because the principles and foundations we laid together with a group of professors upon the college’s establishment in 1989 supported IST and led to its rapid development and growth.

IST has grown and established itself as one of the leading educational institutions at university level in Greece, thanks to our persistence, hard work and dedication to a common vision: provide quality education to our graduates and render them suitable candidates for the labour market.

At IST, we know that the knowledge and skills cultivated at an educational institution are fundamental for one’s personal and professional development. At IST, we know, via our longstanding successful presence, that education is an ongoing process that accompanies a person throughout its life. This is why at IST we are always a step ahead, we adopt new innovative approaches to learning, teaching and research and we expand our partnerships with prestigious foreign Universities, our main focus being the student and the link of education to the labour market.

Today, IST enjoys an active presence in three main academic fields: Business and Economics, Computer Science, Humanities & Health Sciences offering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, flexible supported distance learning programmes in collaboration with prestigious foreign Universities as well as two-year- vocational training programmes.

As a business-facing university, IST is focused on linking education with the labour market, with a commitment to adding value to employers and enterprise while at the same time ensuring that its students will acquire the necessary skills essential for a successful career. It aims at cultivating an environment which supports, encourages and promotes entrepreneurship and innovation among its students. The aforementioned aims are achieved via programmes of study corresponding to the needs of the Greek market, via an agreement with the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry aiming at enhancing the competitiveness of Greek enterprises and economy, via continuous enrichment of courses in collaboration with businesses, but also via a plethora of activities, such as the organization of a series of events for students (seminars, talks, conferences, educational visits, the entrepreneurship and innovation competition “Crazy Business Ideas”, etc.)

Our educational services are globalised through partnerships with prestigious foreign Universities, but also through enrolling students from abroad. Our academic staff is renowned in the academic and professional community of Greece and contributes to the developments of science with primary research and active participation in scientific conferences. We are particularly happy today to welcome you to IST’s state of the art facilities that will make you feel a member of a dynamic community and will help you to succeed in your studies. We are certain that you too will be proud to study at one of the most modern educational institutions in Greece and join a dynamic student community.

We wish you every success in fulfilling your goals.

Dr Drakoulis Fountoukakos - Dr George Kastrinakis


Greetings from the Rector of IST

As the Rector of IST, I am responsible for the design and implementation of its academic operations and I am honored to welcome you.

I would like to assure you that, in its almost 30 years of operation, our Institution, remains firmly committed to key principles regarding knowledge and learning ensuring their acceptance and establishment. These principles are simple, logical and easily comprehensible since they have been born in Greece and should have been established, given their wide acceptance.

Succinctly and simply, these principles are the following:
  • Continuation of Learning
  • No barriers to Knowledge

The first principle is obvious: Who would have the right to ask someone to stop learning?

The second principle refers to the most valuable, perhaps, human component that accompanies an individual since birth.

Based on the above, IST educates young people with principles and values that were born in Greece and are currently applied to the entire humanity. IST, with the same principles, supports the synthesis of views and ideas and the amalgamation of healthy forces and efforts. It links education with multiple notions, such as science, work, society, health, culture, justice and above all, high quality studies.

Within this framework, IST conducts research, organizes scientific events such as conferences, workshops and scientific contests, designs and implements seminars on contemporary issues of science and technology, offers scholarships and successfully supports scientific research, while at the same time, it directs the youth towards entrepreneurship events and awards them for innovative, business ideas.

As such, IST focuses on exploiting scientific knowledge, on operating with international educational standards of higher education and on modernising and constantly evolving, through internationally certified quality procedures. So, as we all believe in IST, our Institution will always be in a position to provide contemporary and quality education, which will meet international requirements and trends and will be linked to the labour market requirements. Regarding the latter, IST never ceases to cooperate with businesses and organisations, with a view to ensuring a successful career for each graduate. The ultimate purpose of this sophisticated and complex effort regarding activities is one: to inspire our students to: "Be confident and proud of what they set out to do", i.e. study.

In conclusion, I wish to emphasize that IST is currently developing new curricula with renowned foreign Universities in many scientific fields such as Management, Economics, Informatics and Health.

Professor Eleftherios A. Papathanassiou, BSc, PhD.
IST Rector


Greetings from Sir Tim Wilson

Welcome to IST in Athens, Greece. IST is an independent higher education institution that specialises in preparing its graduates for successful and enterprising careers.

How do you measure success in higher education? The strongest measure has to be the employment record of the graduates. We are extremely proud of the achievements of our alumni; they provide us with strong evidence that the education they receive at IST is highly relevant to the needs of a 21st century economy. At this period in history, it is very clear that gaining knowledge and learning facts is simply not enough to sustain a career; graduates have to develop the skills of communication, team working, lateral thinking, critical debate, and an entrepreneurial mindset. It is the development of these skills that underpins the education provided at IST for its students.

By working in partnership with leading European universities, IST brings many opportunities for its students studying in Athens - gaining a degree from a prestigious international university and acquiring high level skills relevant to employment.

At IST we are in the business of providing our graduates with a competitive advantage in the employment market. I sincerely hope you see studying at IST as a step towards a successful career in the global marketplace.

Sir Tim Wilson
Advisor to IST on issues regarding link of education with the labour market