IST College - Training Programmes / European Programmes

Our programmes are tailored to business needs.


Training Programmes / European Programmes


Training Programmes for Businesses & Organisations

Educating and training human resources significantly contributes to gaining a comparative advantage in the area of industry and enterprise. IST focuses on providing high standard education and training to business executives through specially designed programmes to meet the needs of each group (tailor-made programmes). The groups are taught by specialist lecturers from the teaching staff of the corresponding departments who combine academic expertise with vast experience of the labour market.


Participation in EU funded Programmes

In the context of IST’s strategic globalisation of services, a series of European Union funded programmes is also included, in which IST has been actively participating. These programmes involve the development of new educational systems and their link to employment as well as boosting entrepreneurship. Such programmes are PETRA II, LEONARDO DA VINCI, LINGUA, TEMPUS – JEP RECITE II and CEDEFOP.