IST College - Fees & Funding

Fees & Funding

Tuition Fees and University Registration

To enrol and attend a programme at IST, you need to pay annual tuition fees to IST as well as an annual registration fee to the collaborating university.

You can find out more about the exact amount of annual tuition fees and registration fee by contacting our Finance Office ( ).

Payment of the annual tuition fees entitles you to

  • Registration and attendance of your courses from the beginning of October till the end of May
  • Participation in the examinations
  • Having your course work supervised personally by members of the academic staff
  • Attendance of support courses in different subjects of your speciality
  • Participation in the activities of Induction Week
  • Access to the library during your studies and after graduation
  • Access to the Computer Lab during your studies
  • Access to universities’ Virtual Learning Environment
  • Participation in the parallel educational activities organised by IST
  • Issue of the corresponding certificates of studies, identification cards and your degree

Tuition fees do not include any expenses for the purchase of books, photocopies and your participation in excursions or entertainment events organised by students.

Should you fail a year or a semester module and need to re-enrol, you will have to pay additional tuition fees for each module.

Method of Payment

The annual tuition fees must be paid in lump sum or you may make arrangements to pay them in installments, on the date of your enrolment, in consultation with IST’s financial services. If you wish, there is also the possibility for an interest free student loan with favourable payment terms.

The right for the annual registration fee with the collaborating university must be paid in total on the date of registration.