IST College - LLB Law Plus (Bachelor of Laws in Law Plus)

LLB Law Plus (Bachelor of Laws in Law Plus)

In collaboration with University of Limerick

Entry Requirements

  • High School Certificate or equivalent
  • English Language: IELTS 5 or equivalent

Professional Opportunities

The study of law is an enriching educational experience that provides intellectual stimulation and an exposure to decision-making and argumentative skills. The Law Plus degree offered by the University of Limerick and IST College (subject to validation) is a unique interdisciplinary degree which allows students to combine the benefits of a traditional law degree with an understanding of other disciplines. This exposure to key concepts and principles of another discipline helps to contextualise the study of the law and refine the student’s knowledge of the wider world.

Employers are interested in capable graduates who have sufficient knowledge and skills and who can correspond to the demanding field of legal studies. Legal studies provide a wide range of career opportunities and give you a number of career options. You may decide to enter the legal profession but this is not the only option, as a law degree will give you a rich and wide‐ranging education, which is relevant to a variety of careers. The graduates often pursue careers in areas such as administration, government, business, finance, insurance, journalism, broadcasting, research and diplomacy. A law degree will provide you with life‐long skills that can be adapted to suit a multiplicity of careers. Consequently, legal studies provide you with a wide base for undergraduate studies, enabling you to follow a variety of specializations according to your personal interests.

Aims of the Programme

The LLB Programme is structured in a way to meet students’ desires and inclinations leading effectively to stable and direct employment and at the same time to access of postgraduate studies as well. Thanks to its interdisciplinarity students will delve into the basic paths of legal studies, whereas they will acquire necessary knowledge in psychology, which will broaden their horizons beyond the legal science. In the third year of their studies students will have the opportunity to either work for a semester in order to gain practical experience or to attend classes abroad so as to enjoy benefits of multiculturalism. Thus, armored with qualifications and experiences, which most of the employers look for, our students will have flexible career choices.

This “Law Plus Programme” places significant emphasis on the development of practical legal skills including oral and written communication skills, analytical and logical reasoning skills, negotiation, legal research, organisational and team work skills. Students are taught using a combination of lectures, tutorials and labs, ensuring that as graduates, they will have accomplished both a comprehensive understanding of the law and the key legal skills demanded by employers.


Structure of the Programme


Year 1

    Autumn Semester
  • Introduction to Lawyering 1
  • Contract Law 1
  • Criminal Law 1
  • Commercial Law
  • Psychology and Everyday Life
    Spring Semester
  • Introduction to Lawyering 2
  • Contract Law 2
  • Criminal Law 2
  • Comparative Legal Systems
  • Psychology and Social Issues

Year 2

    Autumn Semester
  • Law of Torts 1
  • Constitutional 1
  • Land Law 1
  • Crime & Criminal Justice
  • Choose Psychology: Theory and Method 1 or Social Psychology 1
    Spring Semester
  • Law of Torts 2
  • Constitutional 2
  • Land Law 2
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Choose Psychology: Theory And Method 2 or Human Development and the Life Span 1

Year 3

    Autumn Semester
  • Co-operative Education Work Placement or External Academic Study Placement
    Spring Semester 5 from the following:
  • Jurisprudence
  • Labour Law
  • Family Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Law of Evidence
  • Psychology Elective*
  • -Psychology: Theory and Method 2 or
    -Human Development and the Life Span 1

    students must take the module not taken in semester 4 (spring of year 2)

Year 4

    Autumn Semester
  • Advanced Lawyering 1
  • Law of the European Union 1
  • Equity & Trusts 1
  • Company Law 1
  • Psychology Elective**
  • -Applied Psychology or
    -Psychology of the Personality
    Spring Semester
  • Advanced Lawyering 2
  • Law of the European Union 2
  • Equity & Trusts 2
  • Company Law 2
  • Psychology Elective**
  • -Approaches to Social Identity or
    -Cognition 1