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Wednesday, 30 Jul 2014


Students Life

At IST students participate in a series of extra – curricular activities (conferences, lectures, daily events, balls, parties), aimed at strengthening the bonds between students, parents and/ or guardians and teachers as well as at encouraging the students to develop their personal and social interests

Social & Cultural Activities

Upon enrolment at IST, you may participate in groups of activities depending on your personal interests. The following are included among these groups:

Events Group (organising balls, excursions, fund raising events, conferences, daily events etc.)
Publishing Group
Film & Theatre Group


Students of IST participate in the football and basketball teams and each year they play in the corresponding inter-collegiate tournaments with significant successes and distinctions.

Athletic distinctions IST College


2003 - 2nd
2006 – 2nd
2009 – 2nd
2011 – 1st


1997 - 3d 
2003 - 1st 
2006 - 2nd 

Sports activities and an opportunity to get in touch with nature are also offered by the mountain climbing, winter ski and sailing teams.

Parallel Educational Activities

During their studies, students have the opportunity to take part in a range of parallel educational activities aiming at developing their personal as well as their professional skills. These activities involve seminars (e.g. career information and guidance, writing a good CV, how to survive an interview etc.), one-day colloquia and finally conferences on various specialised topics. Regularly, there are also guest lecturers from other Universities, renowned representatives of the business world, financial analysts, journalists, etc. They participate in these events and offer different, yet extremely valuable perspectives to students. They answer to their concerns about contemporary academic and social issues.