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Studying in Greece

International Students - A warm welcome!

Now, you have the opportunity to study in Athens, Greece and receive your degree directly from the collaborating Universities. The academic programmes at IST in Athens are offered in exactly the same way as the ones offered at the collaborating Universities. The students of IST are also registered with the foreign Universities and have the same rights and obligations as their fellow students studying abroad.

Here are some important facts that will help you get to know Greece!


1st of January: New Year Day
6th of January: Epiphany
41 days before Easter: Ash Monday
25th of March: Independence Day (Military parade)
Easter Sunday: Night of the Resurrection
1st of May: Labour Day:
Pentecost: Celebrated 50 days after Easter (always on a Monday)
15th of August: Assumption of the Virgin Mary
28th of October: National Celebration (Military parade)
25th-26th of December: Christmas


Athens is famous for its especially intense and multifaceted nightlife and the vivid lifestyle, which is not restricted to weekends unlike other European countries.

During your stay in Athens you will have the opportunity to discover various and enjoyable ways for your free time and to experience a lot of pleasant activities.

Visits to museums and archaeological sites, sports, shopping, cinema, theatres, coffee-shops in the city-centre or by the sea, lunch or dinner in greek tavernas or in cosy restaurants, music stages, bars, walk by the seaside are only a few of the things with easy access all year around.