IST College - MSc Computing and Information Systems

MSc Computing and Information Systems

In collaboration with the University of South Wales

Entry Requirements

The programme "MSc Computing and Information Systems" is designed for graduates with a minimum 2:2 honours degree or equivalent in a connected subject. Normally, evidence will be sought of successful completion of an under-graduate Honours degree. The programme is not suitable for people who have a degree in computing.

Candidates should have a computing background with very good IT skills or extensive experience of a relevant sector. Candidates applying to the programme with non-standard qualifications will be judged on an individual basis using the University's APEL procedures.

Aims of the Programme

The modules of this programme emphasise on the development of professional and technical skills required to design, implement, manage and employ information systems almost for any range of organisations. Students will become skilled in programming and learn how to design and implement databases.

To enhance employability, the skills and knowledge gained on the course are directly relevant to industry. Course specific content includes developing an understanding of ICT knowledge, tools and techniques with special reference to the effective use, management, design and development of software based systems. The Computing and Information Systems programme contains a challenging mixture of theoretical and practical topics.

As such, programme specific assessments are examination and coursework based. The courseworks deal with a combination of practical, design and/or programming based, problems and theoretical reports that address higher-level organisational problems. Students have opportunity to develop skills that will further their industry based career aspirations.

Professional Opportunities

If you want to move into the computing and information systems field, or if computing plays an increasing part in your role, the MSc Computing and Information Systems is ideal personal development. This postgraduate computing programme is designed for people who have little or no previous experience or specific qualifications in computing or information technology, though you should have some related experience or skills that you wish to build upon.

We place emphasis on the effective use, design and development of software for information systems. You will become skilled in programming and learn how to design and implement information systems. MSc Computing and Information Systems graduates have relevant, up-to-date knowledge, along with the professional and technical skills needed to develop, manage and employ information systems applications in a wide range of organisations.

Typically, our postgraduates may have successful careers in many areas of computing including applications analysis and development, database design and development, programming, web design and applications, software project management, software engineering and networking. They may also work in a range of different industries, including Defence, Health, Economy, Education, Research, Business and Telecommunications.


Structure of the Programme



  • IS4S703 - ICT Systems Development (20 Credit Value)
  • IS4S704 - Independent Study (20 Credit Value)
  • IS4S706 - Project Management and Research Methodology (20 Credit Value)
  • IS4S708 - Security Management (20 Credit Value)
  • IY4S707 - Network Security (20 Credit Value)
  • SE4S702- Principles of Computing (20 Credit Value)
  • IY4T710 - MSc Project (60 Credit Value)