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Alumni Association

Greetings from the President of the Alumni Association

Proedros Foititikou sullogou

Dear Alumni,

As we move through this milestone period for the Greek society, I hope that we, the graduates of IST, (alumnist) dedicate enough time in order to think about the importance of enhancing the association during this crucial period.

The Alumni Association is the linchpin among us and, participating in the Association’s activities, strengthens our relation as and constitutes a key criterion for its future course. As an Alumni Association, we can inspire each other and positively influence the communities we belong to, as well as our circles of influence, while at the same time, we will create, through teamwork environment to create a positive attitude and good disposition towards the crisis of values and morals that runs our country.

Our participation in a large group of more than three thousand Alumni strengthens our position in society and our belief that we can contribute to the effort of all of us and each one separately.

So, in a difficult time for our country, we feel the obligation to do our best in order to have an organised Alumni Group through new website, new activities and IST.

I invite you all to become a member of our new family!

Xanthopoulos Theodore

Board of Directors of the Alumni Association

  • President: Theodore Xanthopoulos
  • Vice President: Dimitri Moraitis
  • Secretary: Peter Violakis
  • Treasurer: Nicholas Korizi
  • Public Relations: Royal Pantiera