IST College - Alumni Benefits

Alumni Benefits

Alumni Benefits

As graduates of IST you continue to enjoy the same benefits that you had as students and even more, such as:

  • Access to the school library even after the end of your studies
  • Access to computer labs
  • Re-issue of certificates of study, certifications and all other documentation you might need
  • Participation in the educational activities organised by IST
  • Participation in seminars, workshops, conferences and events organised by IST
  • Discounts and reduced tuition fees for all our postgraduate programmes, seminars and lifelong learning programmes.

Κάρτα Αποφοίτου

Alumni Card

Be a winner!

Due to the economic recession our country is going through, today, more than ever, networking and supporting each other are deemed necessary. As such, this year we will launch the Alumni Card! By acquiring the Alumni Card you will enjoy all the services offered by IST, as well as products or services of affiliated stores in special prices for IST graduates! You may see all affiliated stores / businesses here. Stay tuned for more businesses to be added over time.

In addition, if you want to make an offer to fellow graduates, please contact us (Ms. Annie Razi,, 210 4822222) so that together, we discuss your proposal in more detail and jointly formulate your offer so as to be included in the list of affiliated companies that offer discounted prices to holders of the Alumni Card.

Furthermore, if you are a member of IST’s Alumni Association, the latter has signed an agreement with the Piraeus Traders Association for a benefit card especially for the members of IST Alumni Association. The card regards discounted prices in approximately 140 businesses in Piraeus. For further information about the card, please contact Mr. Petros Violakis,