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IST’s Registrar's Office manages the database of graduates. Therefore, if at any time you need a certificate or transcript of your courses, fill in the form telling us what it is that you would like.

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Your personal data information will be used only for the purposes of IST. IST’s policy is to not disclose personal data to third parties or upload it on the Internet, without prior consent of those concerned. The database and any information collected are subject to the provisions of Greek Law regarding the protection of personal data.


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Recognition of Degree

EU University degrees acquired through studying in colleges are recognized professionally and holders of such degrees have the same professional rights as those awarded by the Greek formal education system. The recognition covers both Bachelor degrees (of at least three years duration), and Master degrees. College graduates holding degrees acquired through collaborations with EU Universities may be recruited, paid and promoted as graduates or postgraduates. They may also participate in the exams of the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ASEP).

Following the enactment of Law 4093|2012 (Government Gazette Issue 222 A), the completion of the legislative act (Gazette Issue 229 A and 237 Gazette Issue A) and the recent amendment to the Law 4111|2013 (Official Gazette 18 Issue A), the recognition of European degrees awarded following studying at a Greek College cooperating with a European University extends. Furthermore, the Ministerial Decree 38/2010 is amended and all EU University degrees are professionally equivalent with those awarded by Greek public Universities. In practice, this allows college graduates holding degrees acquired through collaborations with EU Universities to have the same professional rights with graduates of Greek Universities. The body in charge is the Council for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications (SAEP) of the Ministry of Education. The Council for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications (SAEP) (Official Gazette 527 / Issue Y.O.D.D.-11.18.2012) is responsible for examining applications for recognition of professional qualifications.

Taking the above into consideration and following a recent decision of the Council for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications (SAEP), an IST’s graduate was granted professional equivalence of the degree, "Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Management Information Systems" of the University of Hertfordshire (United Kingdom), to the degree of graduates of the Accounting and Finance faculty of the Athens University of Economics & Business, in the context of the national education system, with the terms and conditions of the current Greek legislation, without any additional compensational measures. It is worth noting that, already, in the last few months, several degree recognitions have been granted and a large number of IST’s graduates have followed the procedures required by the Greek legislation for the recognition of professional degree equivalence.

Procedures for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications

The applicant is called upon to fill in an application for recognition of professional equivalence, to gather the necessary documents for the recognition of professional equivalence and submit all documentation to the Council for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications (SAEP), which is located in the building of the Ministry of Education on 37, Andreas Papandreou str., 151 80 Maroussi, tel .: 210 3442485-3443163-3443168 / e-mail:

The recognition procedure may take up to 4 months.

NB. 1: The degree and transcripts must be submitted in photocopies which have been validated and translated by the British Council (Kolonaki Sq. 10673 17, tel.: 210 3692333), replacing the requirement to carry the APOSTILLE. For any further information, please visit the links of the British Council.

NB. 2: The syllabus can be submitted to SAEP either in English or in Greek and is provided to those expressing an interest by the cooperating University after consultation with the College’s Registrar Office.

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