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Malaria World Day 25/4


An article about malaria, written by Saridi M., Balaska I., Bourantonis D., Dimitriou C., Faro K., Giannopoulou G., Kaloudi I., Koutsompolis D., Nikolakopoulou A., Stefanopoulou S., Tzanetakis G., Vorompiof I., Bizas L., department of Bsc (Hons) Adult Nursing in IST College in collaboration with Anglia Ruskin University

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started!”


At IST, in order to enhance employability skills and extroversion, while at the same time encourage the new generation, we have, for the 4th consecutive year, organised the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Contest “Crazy Business Ideas”.

Internationalisation of higher education- Destination everywhere!


Prague hosted last week the largest conference of higher education with approximately 5.000 participants from all over the world.

How high can you reach?


A new academic year is about to begin and here, at IST, we are ready to welcome our new students. During the Open Day we held last Wednesday, parents and prospective students attended the presentations of our programmes and were informed about how to think and act in an...

Welcome to our new blog


Welcome to our new blog called “The Blog- an insight into the life of IST”, our news and views to keep you up to date every week with what goes on here at IST, Athens.