Put your k
Put your knowledge & skills to work!
Put your knowledge & skills to work!

Career Day

On Thursday, 2 April 2015 at 09:00, IST holds, for the 18th consecutive year, Career Day, an event where IST students and graduates will have the opportunity to conduct interviews with company executives from different sectors of the economy so as to familiarise themselves with the demands of the labour market. 

Career Day is, yet, another opportunity for students to gain experience from the business world and the labour market. On Career Day, entrepreneurs and senior executives of companies and organisations come to IST and discuss with students in an interview form, their career prospects. The aim of this institutionalised annual event is to familiarise students with the interview process, as well as with the required steps involved when seeking employment. 

All interested in participating, should by 27 March 2015 send their CV by email to Ms. Tina Zoe: and Ms. Tania Kofidou: