IST On Site

On 24 of February 2016, between 11.00 and 14.00, at the context of IST on Site, we will visit the premises of TAXIBEAT in Greece. During this visit, of total duration of 2 hours – high executives of the company will talk to us on the following topics: 

  • What is the company and what kind of people are they looking for? (Department of People Operations)
  • What is the importance of design and at which stage does it affect (Department of product development)
  • What is the production line of a new feature? (Department of Product Development)
  • What is the role of Marketing once the product is on the market? (Department of Marketing)

Due to limited availability, only up to 25 students will be accepted. Strict priority queue will be followed.

Applications must be submitted to the Marketing Department.

Special Information

  • Certificates of attendance will be provided
  • Departure at 11.00 from IST College
  • Absences from classes will justified.
  • One of the Co-founders of Taxibeat is an IST graduate.

Educational Visits “IST on Site”

This event involves a number of educational visits to businesses and organizations. In this context you are given the opportunity to be guided at the premises of the company or the organization and come into contact with executives, acquiring knowledge of the work environment, the different functions of a company or an organization, thus creating a net of contacts.