Discount P
Discount Policy for the new Students.
Discount Policy for the new Students.

At IST the focus lies on Students!

At IST, the student is the focus of all our services and activities.

We stand by your side throughout your studies, making sure to receive the best quality service and support you in the best possible way in order to help you expand your knowledge and further develop your skills, so that by the time you will have completed your studies you will have acquired all the necessary skills to pursue a successful career.

Since, at IST we believe that education is a precious good and the people should be given fair chances, we financially support families in need. Giving young people the opportunity to acquire education at the best provider in Greece, is considered to be an integral part of our corporate social responsibility strategy.

In order to facilitate the accessibility of youth, to higher education, IST has created a discount policy reduction on annual fees that can reach up to 20%.

The Registrar’s Office and the Educational Advisors of the College are available to provide additional information or clarification daily from 09:00 until 21:00.