IST College - Crazy Business Ideas 2012

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Crazy Business Ideas 2012

Awards 2012

The first prize was €10.000 as capital to start up a business based on their idea. The 2nd and 3d prizes were a full scholarship for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at IST.

1st award: "CKALL: Detection/Disconnection System of non-overt water leaks”

Did you know that in Greece, 30% of drinking water goes to waste, 5% of which are undetectable leaks?

CKALL is an innovative system which aims at filling this important gap of detection and disconnection of non-overt water leaks.

This innovative

system will be installed on the main water supply system of houses or businesses of people who wish to check for leaks and will provide them with the ability to detect non-overt leaks, stop the water supply and inform the user about the situation.

2nd award: "Travel Agency for People with Disabilities"

In the European Community, the number of disabled people amounts to 50,000,000. About 54% of those travel regularly on a yearly basis and spend 15% more money than non-disabled people.

The idea of a travel agency that will be targeted at disabled people, including people with deafness, impaired vision and difficulty with mobility, etc. was born after having analysed official data and discerned a gap in the market.

3rd award: "Simple Deals"

Simple Deals is an easily configurable and low-cost platform for smartphones and tablets designed to promote tourism in a region while strengthening the local market.

The platform supports the creation of an application (mobile, tablet), which will include:

  1. Tourist region guide (e.g. landmarks, museums, archeological sites, etc.)
  2. Map of the area with the possibility of determining the exact position of the user.
  3. System containing a list of businesses registered in the area (e.g. hotels, shops, restaurants etc), whose position is dynamically displayed on the map

Evaluation Committee 2012

Evaluation Committee
Konstantinos Michalos President of the Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry & President and CEO «SWAN Α.Ε.»
George Velentzas Co-chairman & General Manager of Folli Follie Group & Member of the ACCI Board
George Gerardos President and CEO Plaisio Computers
Marina Eleftheroudaki President “G.Κ. Eleftheroudakis” & Member of the ACCI Board
George Paschas General Manager Information Technology & Procurement National Bank of Greece
Vassilios Tamvakas President of the Board of Directors “Gallenica” & “Minerva Pharmaceutics”
Alexandra Chazapi-Pitta CEO “Melissokomiki Eteria Attiki” & Member of the ACCI Board
George Chiotis Vice Chancellor IST College