IST College - Extra-Curricular Activities

There is more to education than academic activities.


Extra-Curricular Activities



Our philosophy is to place you at the heart of the educational process and make you feel active members of a dynamic student community. Your participation in educational, social and cultural activities will make your daily life at IST more pleasant and will contribute to you developing new interests and having memorable student experiences.

Athletics and Sports

As students of IST you also have the opportunity to join the football and basketball teams and participate the respective intercollegiate tournaments that take place every year.

Moreover and always in accordance with demand, students can participate in climbing, sailing and skiing teams.

Social and Cultural Activities

During your studies you have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities according to your personal interests, such as organization of and participation in events, conferences, field trips, fund raising, etc.

Such extracurricular activities aim at strengthening the relationship between students, parents, academic and administrative staff . At the same time, you are given the opportunity to further develop your personal skills and social interests.