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Student Testimonials

Slav Zhelev

BCs in Psychology Graduate, 2016

"IST has been a very wonderful and rewarding experience for me. Νot only did I develop my academic and transferable skills, but I also saw a big change in my confidence and communication skills. In the last year of my studies I was able to engage in a placement at Attikon Hospital where I was able to conduct research in the Neurology Department, which resulted in my BSc dissertation. A part of my dissertation will be presented at the 23rd Congress of the European Sleep Research Society in Bologna. Also, IST created great future opportunities I never expected to achieve. For example, I applied for a Master's degree to five British universities (UCL, Bristol, Sheffield, Bath Spa, Bangor) and got accepted to all of them. I would not say it was an easy journey, as it requires hard work and dedication, but at the end the feeling is unique and rewarding. I would advise future students to work very hard, to respect their teachers and cooperate well, to fully focus on their studies, and finally enjoy all the benefits that an IST degree has to offer!"

Syrgiamioti Androniki

BSc in Information Technology (First Class), July 2014

During the experience of the three-year course attendance at IST College I would like to quote my studying experience. Unquestionably, there are many reasons that make me classify IST to a first class academicals foundation. The people who started the university at the first place, they still continue to participate with the same eagerness and love. Furthermore, the tutors were always impeccable at their work, cooperative and close to the students anytime. This made me feel confident about my progress and motivate me with strength and patience. At the same time, the functional premises infrastructure and the pleasant environment made me feel comfortable during my schooling.

Moreover, I would characterize the University as a perfect result of a hard longtime effort of the founders and the participant employees. They still provide an everyday hard work for the students, providing them all the necessary skills needed in this difficult period and cover them at their first steps at the job market. I am very happy and grateful that Ι attended and graduated from the IST College. It was the most exciting and meaningful experience of my life.

Constantinos Stamatiou

Alumni, Business Administration 2011

"I chose to study Business Administration at IST after a market research I conducted and the recommendation of an executive from a big multinational company. The program structure and the way of teaching in conjunction with the promotion of a modern view of the business world, gave me the right skills to meet the needs of the Greek and international market. At the same time, the great professional experience and dedication of my professors helped me to develop the vision and determination of my professional goals. At the end of the third year of my studies I had already recommendations for practice from both multinational companies, and one of my project with the help of the IST, was presented at a conference of ACCI and forwarded to a ministry, vindicating my initial decision to study in IST".